Looking for new projects and jobs

If you happen to be in lack of someone who knows how to deal with color, take me into consideration! When can I start? Tomorrow! I’m located in Drammen and can mainly shuttle to Oslo. I have my own equipment which can be brought to your location on a permanent basis if needed. Hire me…

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Norske Talenter

I’m at BoomBay to work on the latest season of Norske Talenter (Norway’s got Talent). Working with the guys at BoomBay is a blast!

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Skal Vi Danse

I’m back at Monster to help them finish content for the last two shows of Skal vi Danse (Strictly Come Dancing / Dancing with the Stars). A fabulous bunch of people. A joy to be part of their team.

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Love Nest

I had two fun weeks at Monster Entertainment in September, helping them with color correction and online for their new TV show Love Nest. Currently available on TV3 in Norway, Monday to Thursday.  

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Foshaug Showreel

In the rush before deadline of this showreel I got to work on some of the most fantastic aerial footage of snowboarding I’ve ever seen, among other things. A joy to work on. For the cinematographer Petter Foshaug.

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