The suite

Suite Self portrait

At the current time, I do not have a suite available, but I’d be happy to join you and your staff and do the work needed in your facilities. Panel, video monitor and Mac can be brought with me as needed.

I do all my color work with DaVinci Resolve, which provides real-time playback of audio and video, and can do last minute changes to the cut with its NLE like features. This offers not only more creativity  and fast workflow, but also faster delivery to any of the numerous file formats and codecs supported.

Color correction vs. Color grading

While a primary color correction might get you far enough, the real fun lies in grading the image, taking it a few steps further to develop a look.

Supported formats and codecs

Even though DaVinci Resolve supports a wide range of formats and codecs, I’ve chosen to narrow down the list to make it easier for the both of us.
Contact me about more details, and suggestions for the best solution for your production.

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  • FCP project / XML
  • Premiere Project
  • QuickTime ProRes family
  • MXF
  • DPX image sequences
  • TIFF image sequences
  • EXR image sequences


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  • QuickTime Prores 4444
  • QuickTime Prores 422
  • MXF
  • DPX image sequences
  • TIFF image sequences


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One of these options

  1. Baked QuickTime movie
  2. Media managed Final Cut project
  3. Access to all footage and tight collaboration with editor